Data Transfer Rate Converter

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10 TB/hr = 2.77777777777778 GB/s

Other units:

Byte based with decimal-multiple prefixes (powers of 10):
KB/s (kilobyte / second)
MB/s (megabyte / second)
GB/s (gigabyte / second)
TB/s (terabyte / second)
Bit based with decimal-multiple prefixes (powers of 10):
kbps (kilobit / second)
Mbps (megabit / second)
Gbps (gigabit / second)
Tbps (terabit / second)
Byte based with binary-multiple prefixes (powers of 2):
KiB/s (kibibyte / second)
MiB/s (mebibyte / second)
GiB/s (gibibyte / second)
TiB/s (tebibyte / second)
Byte based per hour with decimal-multiple prefixes (powers of 10):
KB/h (kilobyte / hour)
MB/h (megabyte / hour)
GB/h (gigabyte / hour)
TB/h (terabyte / hour)

How to use:
Enter initial data transfer rate value you'd like to convert in the From filed, select initial and target measurement units, and then click the Convert button.
For your convenience this tool will also convert the entered value into other units often used for measurement of network speed and bandwidth, file transfer rate, system and storage bandwidth, backup/recovery throughput, etc.


The following symbols can be used for:
 kilobit / second - kbit/s, kb/s, or kbps;
 megabit / second - Mbit/s, Mb/s, or Mbps;
 gigabit / second - Gbit/s, Gb/s, or Gbps;
 terabit / second - Tbit/s, Tb/s, or Tbps;

Tebibyte (TiB), gibibyte (GiB), mebibyte (MiB), kibibyte (KiB) are standard units used in the field of data processing and data transmission. Tebibyte, gibibyte, mebibyte, kibibyte are defined as powers of 2.
Tebibyte, gibibyte, mebibyte, kibibyte are closely related to terabyte (TB), gigabyte (GB), megabyte (MB), and kilobyte (KB) respectively, which are defined as powers of 10 in accordance with the International System of Units (SI).

Examples and comparisons with SI prefixes
one kibibit1 Kibit = 210 bit = 1024 bit
one kilobit1 kbit = 103 bit = 1000 bit
one mebibit1 Mibit = 220 bit = 1,048,576 bit
one megabit1 Mbit = 106 bit = 1,000,000 bit
one mebibyte1 MiB = 220 Byte = 1,048,576 Byte
one megabyte1 MB = 106 Byte = 1,000,000 Byte
one gibibyte1 GiB = 230 Byte = 1,073,741,824 Byte
one gigabyte1 GB = 109 Byte = 1,000,000,000 Byte