RAID Performance Calculator

Compare two RAID configurations:

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Configuration #2
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Single drive performance:
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Results: Configu­ration #1Configu­ration #2
Total performance  (IO/s): 194.29453.33
Total usable storage capacity (TB) 1.001.00
RAID type: RAID 6RAID 10
Reads / Writes (%): 50 / 5050 / 50
Number of RAID groups:11
Number of drives per RAID group: 44
Total number of drives:44
Single RAID group performance  (IO/s): 194.29453.33
Capacity of a single RAID group (GB): 10001000
Single drive cost:
Cost per TB usable:
Total cost:

This RAID calculator allows to compare performance characteristics of two storage systems with different RAID configurations. Supported RAID levels are RAID0, RAID1, RAID5, RAID6, RAID10 (1+0).

This calculator does not perform conversion between IO/s and MB/s, and vice versa. If you've switched the units, do not forget to enter applicable values in the Single drive performance fields.