SSD RAID Performance Calculator

This version of the calculator has been adapted to perform RAID performance calculation for solid state drives (SSD), devices with substantial difference in read and write performance. Examples of IOPS and throughput values for some SSD drives are provided in the table at the bottom of this page.
Supported RAID levels are RAID0, RAID1, RAID5, RAID6, RAID10 (1+0).

RAID Type:
Drive capacity (GB):
Single drive performance:
Read performance:
Write performance:
Single drive cost:
Number of drives per RAID group: 
Number of RAID groups:
Read operations (%):

Total Performance = 75000 IO/s
Total usable capacity = 1.00 TB

RAID Type: RAID 0 (Stripe set)
Reads 50%, Writes 50%
Number of RAID groups = 1
Number of drives per RAID group = 2
Total number of drives = 2
Single RAID group performance = 75000 IO/s
Single drive cost =
Cost per TB usable =
Total cost =
Minimum number of drives per RAID0 group = 2
IO penalty (read) = 1/1 (one RAID IO per each host IO)
IO penalty (write) = 1/1 (one RAID IO per each host IO)
Fault tolerance = 0 (none) disk drives per RAID group
RAID0 is not recommended for data with any business value.

IOPS (IO/s) and throughput (MB/s) are two common performance measurements for storage devices, such as disk drives and RAID sets. Most often IOPS measurement is used for random small block (4-8 KB) read and/or write operations typical for OLTP applications. MB/s is used for large block (>= 64 KB) random or sequential operations, such as file transfer and streaming.

This calculator does not perform conversion between IO/s and MB/s, and vice versa. If you've switched the units, do not forget to enter applicable values in the Single drive performance fields.

IOPS and throughput values for some SSD drives:

Model / Type

Capacity (GB)
Max Read IOPS
(4KB block, random)
Max Write IOPS
(4KB block, random)
Max Read Throughput
Max Write Throughput
Lightning Read-Intensive LB 1606R (MLC) 1600780008000410140
Lightning Write-Intensive LB 406S (SLC) 40011800033000450250
Lightning Mixed-Use
LB 806M (SLC)
P410m (MLC) 400; 2005000030000400340
Ultrastar SSD800MH.B (MLC) 800; 400; 200; 1001300001100001100765
Ultrastar SSD1600MM (MLC) 1600; 800; 400; 2001300001000001100765
Ultrastar SSD1600MR (MLC) 1600; 1000; 800; 500; 400; 250130000300001100700
Ultrastar SSD400S.B (SLC) 400; 200; 1005750025500536502
Ultrastar SSD1000MR (MLC) 1000; 500; 250145000200001200700