MS SQL 2016/2017 Std Licensing Calculator (unofficial)

This tool helps determine the number and estimate the cost of MS SQL Server Standard Edition licenses for a virtualized environment.

Required # of SQL VMs:
Number of vCPUs per VM:
Total # of users/devices:
Standard Edition
2-core pack cost:
Server lic. cost:
CAL cost:

Licensing method: per core server + CAL
# of VMs to be licensed:22
# of vCPUs to be licensed:8N/A
# of users/devices:N/A50
Required # of core licenses:8N/A
Required # of 2-core packs:4N/A
Required # of Server licenses:N/A2
Required # of CALs:N/A50
Total cost:1486812312


Required # of SQL VMs - the total number of VMs running MS SQL Server Standard edition software.
Number of vCPUs per VM - number of vCPUs allocated to a single VM.
Total # of users/devices - total number of users and/or devices requiring access to SQL servers.

This tool takes into account the following conditions and limitations:

  • In order to license individual VMs using Per Core model, a core license is required for each v-core (or virtual processor, virtual CPU, virtual thread) allocated to the VM, subject to a four core license minimum per VM.
  • Any of the virtual cores in a VM is mapped only to one hardware thread.
  • Core licenses are sold in packs of two (two-core packs).
  • With the Per Core model, there is no need to purchase additional client access licenses.
  • In order to license a single VM with a server license using Server + CAL model, a server license is required for each VM running SQL server software, and a CAL is required for each device and/or user accessing SQL server.
  • Each SQL server CAL allows access to multiple licensed SQL servers.

This tool does not cover:

  • any high availability, fail-over, or cloud deployment scenarios.
  • any Database Engine or OS compute capacity limits (maximum number of CPUs, cores, etc.).

The default values used by this tool are for illustration purpose only. Please adjust as required.