IOPS, MB/s, GB/day Converter

This tool performs conversion between IOPS, MB/s, and GB/day.

Block size:
or Data rate (MB/s):
or Data volume / day (GB/day):


How to use:
Select the required block size, provide a value for the parameter you want to convert from, and clear the fields for the other two. For example: to convert from MB/s to IOPS, enter a value in the Data rate (MB/s) field and clear the IOPS and Data volume / day (GB/day) fields.

Conversion between IOPS, MB/s, and GB/day can be performed as follows: MB/s = IOPS * B ÷ 106 IOPS = MB/s * 106 ÷ B GB/day = MB/s * 86.4 MB/s = GB/day ÷ 86.4 where B is block size in Bytes.

IOPS - Input/output operations per second
1 MiB = 1024 KiB and 1 KiB = 1024 B.
1 GB = 1000 MB, 1 MB = 1000 KB, and 1 KB = 1000 B.
1 GB/s = 1000 MB/s.

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