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Char Unicode Dec Hex HTML (dec) HTML (hex) HTML name Description
Α U+0391 913 391 Α Α Alpha Greek capital letter Alpha
Β U+0392 914 392 Β Β Beta Greek capital letter Beta
Γ U+0393 915 393 Γ Γ Gamma Greek capital letter Gamma
Δ U+0394 916 394 Δ Δ Delta Greek capital letter Delta
Ε U+0395 917 395 Ε Ε Epsilon Greek capital letter Epsilon
Ζ U+0396 918 396 Ζ Ζ Zeta Greek capital letter Zeta
Η U+0397 919 397 Η Η Eta Greek capital letter Eta
Θ U+0398 920 398 Θ Θ Theta Greek capital letter Theta
Ι U+0399 921 399 Ι Ι Iota Greek capital letter Iota
Κ U+039A 922 39A Κ Κ Kappa Greek capital letter Kappa
Λ U+039B 923 39B Λ Λ Lambda Greek capital letter Lambda
Μ U+039C 924 39C Μ Μ Mu Greek capital letter Mu
Ν U+039D 925 39D Ν Ν Nu Greek capital letter Nu
Ξ U+039E 926 39E Ξ Ξ Xi Greek capital letter Xi
Ο U+039F 927 39F Ο Ο Omicron Greek capital letter Omicron
Π U+03A0 928 3A0 Π Π Pi Greek capital letter Pi
Ρ U+03A1 929 3A1 Ρ Ρ Rho Greek capital letter Rho
Σ U+03A3 931 3A3 Σ Σ Sigma Greek capital letter Sigma
Τ U+03A4 932 3A4 Τ Τ Tau Greek capital letter Tau
Υ U+03A5 933 3A5 Υ Υ Upsilon Greek capital letter Upsilon
Φ U+03A6 934 3A6 Φ Φ Phi Greek capital letter Phi
Χ U+03A7 935 3A7 Χ Χ Chi Greek capital letter Chi
Ψ U+03A8 936 3A8 Ψ Ψ Psi Greek capital letter Psi
Ω U+03A9 937 3A9 Ω Ω Omega Greek capital letter Omega
α U+03B1 945 3B1 α α alpha Greek small letter alpha
β U+03B2 946 3B2 β β beta Greek small letter beta
γ U+03B3 947 3B3 γ γ gamma Greek small letter gamma
δ U+03B4 948 3B4 δ δ delta Greek small letter delta
ε U+03B5 949 3B5 ε ε epsilon Greek small letter epsilon
ζ U+03B6 950 3B6 ζ ζ zeta Greek small letter zeta
η U+03B7 951 3B7 η η eta Greek small letter eta
θ U+03B8 952 3B8 θ θ theta Greek small letter theta
ι U+03B9 953 3B9 ι ι iota Greek small letter iota
κ U+03BA 954 3BA κ κ kappa Greek small letter kappa
λ U+03BB 955 3BB λ λ lambda Greek small letter lambda
μ U+03BC 956 3BC μ μ mu Greek small letter mu
ν U+03BD 957 3BD ν ν nu Greek small letter nu
ξ U+03BE 958 3BE ξ ξ xi Greek small letter xi
ο U+03BF 959 3BF ο ο omicron Greek small letter omicron
π U+03C0 960 3C0 π π pi Greek small letter pi
ρ U+03C1 961 3C1 ρ ρ rho Greek small letter rho
ς U+03C2 962 3C2 ς ς sigmaf Greek small letter final sigma
σ U+03C3 963 3C3 σ σ sigma Greek small letter sigma
τ U+03C4 964 3C4 τ τ tau Greek small letter tau
υ U+03C5 965 3C5 υ υ upsilon Greek small letter upsilon
φ U+03C6 966 3C6 φ φ phi Greek small letter phi
χ U+03C7 967 3C7 χ χ chi Greek small letter chi
ψ U+03C8 968 3C8 ψ ψ psi Greek small letter psi
ω U+03C9 969 3C9 ω ω omega Greek small letter omega
ϑ U+03D1 977 3D1 ϑ ϑ thetasym Greek theta symbol
ϒ U+03D2 978 3D2 ϒ ϒ upsih Greek Upsilon with hook symbol
ϖ U+03D6 982 3D6 ϖ ϖ piv Greek pi symbol

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