SSD Useful Life Calculator (beta)

This tool calculates SSD useful life period based on the anticipated workload.

SSD specification:

SSD #1: Capacity (GB): 
Warranty (yr.): 
SSD #2: Capacity (GB): 
Warranty (yr.): 
SSD #3: Capacity (GB): 
Warranty (yr.): 

Anticipated workload (average):

Write IOPS:
Block size:
or Write data rate (MB/s):
or Data written / day (GB/day):
Required useful life (yr.):

SSD #1SSD #2SSD #3
Capacity (GB)480480
Warranty (yr.)55
Anticipated workload: 84.935 GB/day
Time to reach TBW/PBW value (yr.)4.12130.483
Required useful life period: 3 yr
Average write workload (MB/s)1.3509.989
GB written / day (GB/day)116.667863.014

DWPD or DW/D - Drive Writes Per Day.

GB/day - Gigabytes written per day.

TBW - Terabytes Written.

PBW - Petabytes Written.

In addition to conversion between different SSD endurance parameters - DWPD, TBW, PBW, and GB/day, this tool also performs two other operations:

  • evaluation of the actual SSD useful life (time to reach TBW/PBW value) base on the anticipated write workload;
  • calculation of the average workload needed for reaching TBW/PBW value within specified useful life period (if different from the manufacturer's warranty period).

To calculate the actual useful life period enter anticipated workload parameters in one of the forms: IOPS, data rate (MB/s) or data written per day (GB/day). If two or more parameters are entered, the one with the higher GB/day value will be used.

1 PB = 1000 TB and 1 TB = 1000 GB.
1 year = 365 days.
This tool is a beta version and we welcome your feedback.

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